Homemade Carpet Cleaning Products

Have you ever wondered how can you get your carpets clean without spending much time brushing, vacuuming or bleaching? Are you struggling to make ends meet and think that spending another cent to hire a professional carpet cleaner is just a luxury? Then perhaps you should browse the internet and find out how to make your very own homemade carpet cleaning products.


Homemade carpet cleaning products are becoming popular nowadays not only because they are way cheaper than the commercial synthetic ones, but also because most home made cleaners are eco-friendly since they are made of natural indigenous ingredients. You can use agents that can be found in your kitchen. They provide the same cleaning results but do not expect that the quality of your carpet in terms of the fiber will remain the same. Additionally, some natural ingredients cannot remove the foul odor caused by prolonged exposure of the carpet to air and other foreign materials.

  • Washing detergent – You can use any kind of washing detergent if you are looking for a very cheap way to clean your carpet. After bleaching the carpet twice, you may be able to get your desired results. Also, it is capable of removing bad odors and replace it with a bleaching scent. If you use a detergent powder with conditioner, you can avoid the strong smell. One disadvantage of using detergent powder is it becomes harmful when its residues are tasted or inhaled especially by children and pets. The toxic substances present in detergent powders could be fatal as it is intolerable and cannot be digested.
  • Baking soda – Baking soda is very well-known as a cleaning agent most commonly used on tiles and glass furniture. Although using baking soda is completely safe, you will have to spend more time in scraping and washing off dirt plus it is not the best agent to use in removing the foul odor.
  • Elbow grease – If your carpet is left un-cleaned for more than two years, there are definitely stains that are intact and the smell can become so bad that it would almost be impossible for detergent powder to remove it. By mixing elbow grease with a small amount of ammonia and vinegar, you can get rid of the foul odor entirely. You will not be able to smell any fragrance but the most important thing is that your carpet has been disinfected without costing that much. Start by spraying the mixture all over the carpet and washing it over with water and vinegar to obtain the most desired outcome.
  • Borax – Borax is also known as a cleaning agent. Its purpose is almost similar to that of the baking soda, only borax is widely used as an industrial cleaning ingredient. It is best used when your carpet is already old and it needs overhauling. It removes the dirt and mites entirely especially when the carpet is brushed thoroughly. However, pure borax cannot guarantee a fragrant odor as it does not have any smell at all. When borax is inhaled or taken through the mouth, it could be fatal or may result in serious physical damage.